Smelling Your Girlfriend’s Sweaty Feet After a Date (POV Virtual Sex) feat. The Style Patriarch

Hey Satyrs!
After an evening out dancing, your girlfriend Clara can’t wait to take off her heels. Or… maybe you’d like to take them off for her? She knows how much you love smelling her feet when they’re all sweaty!
You take off her shoes, and she puts her feet right up to your face. Her little toes look so cute under those pantyhose! You take a whiff, and you’re already getting hard.
Clara pulls down her pantyhose, and you slip your throbbing cock inside her. As you thrust into her, she moans and rolls her eyes with pleasure.
She smiles up at you, as you lean in to pull her dress down over her little breasts. She begs you to go harder, faster, until you can’t take it anymore. You pull out and blow your load on her face and chest, which she happily licks up.
xo Clara
Length: 7 minutes

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