Chastity Games 3 – Don’t Let Me Catch You Stroking (Red Light Green Light)


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You are my live-in slave, and I keep you locked up in chastity, because I find you so much more obedient when you’re horny and frustrated. About once a month, I let you out to play cruel games with you. If you succeed at my games, I might just let you cum…
You’ve done an acceptable job cleaning. You can stay here while I shower. But you’re NOT allowed to stoke! If I catch you stroking, I’m putting you back in chastity for 2 whole months. So DON’T let me catch you 😉
Video features: JOI, JOI game, Red Light Green Light, chastity, slave, orgasm control, possibility of orgasm denial, cruel mistress, femdom, key holding, cum countdown, feet, tease and denial, strappy sandals, heels
Length: 15 minutes
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