Chastity Games, Episode 1: Happy Anniversary

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You are my live-in slave, and I keep you locked up in chastity, because I find you so much more obedient when you’re horny and frustrated. About once a month, I let you out to play cruel games with you.
Today is our anniversary! It’s been a full year since you were allowed to see a woman naked.
I have a special stripping game for you. There will be 12 rounds, one for each article of clothing I’m wearing. Each round, if you last through it, I’ll take one off. I count out the number of strokes you get. If, at any point, you can’t last, and you’re about to cum, you have to stop right before and ruin your orgasm.
Video features: JOI, JOI Game, stripping game, chastity, slave, ruined orgasm, orgasm control, mistress, femdom, keyholding, cum countdown,
Length: 18 minutes


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