Public Sex Adventures with Jesse Black

Huge video compilation!

Jesse and I got up to lots of naughty mischief in a public mall. Get all these clips as one long video Public Sex Adventures [44:39], or enjoy them separately.
Distracted Driving [5:22]
Jesse plays with my remote-control vibrator, as people drive and walk by his car. I squirm and giggle as he turns it up and down, constantly on the lookout. I hope we don’t get caught! When he starts driving, I start to get frisky and play with him too.
Video features:
Lovense Lush, remote vibrator, public play, public nudity, public masturbation, handjob while driving
Hold the Moan [9:28]
I try to be discreet as he plays with my vibrator walking through the mall!
Video features:
Lovense Lush, remote vibrator, public play, public nudity, public masturbation
Food Court Footsie [6:32]
We admire my new strappy sandals, I start to get playful. Put my foot into his lap, start rubbing his leg, then rub his cock through his pants. He gently puts his hand on my foot, touches my toes, my arches. He can’t stop talking about how soft and smooth they are.
He undoes the laces to let the sandal dangle off my foot. When some people walk by, we move a chair to hide Jesse’s boner, and our naughty public play from them.
Video features:
Feet, foot fetish, public footsie under a table, strappy sandals/heels, shoe dangling, barefoot, public foot play
Public Suck and Fuck [17:00] (March 23)
We sneak into a utility closet, full of “authorized personnel” signs telling us we shouldn’t be there. I get down on my knees and suck his dick – It’s so hard to give a good blowjob while he’s still playing with my vibrator!
I try to fit his huge thick cock into my mouth, but I can’t even get half way! He stands me up, turns me around, pushes me up against the wall.
I love the way throws me around and tells me what to do. I’m so wet that his huge cock slides easily into my pussy. His dick gets super creamy from my juices as he thrusts. He grabs me by the hair, and turns my face toward him – You can see how much I’m enjoying getting fucked – I can barely keep my eyes from rolling back into my head. I can’t keep my voice down either. When I start to moan too loud, and we can hear people outside the door, we decide it’s time to move to a more secluded spot.
Video features:
Public blowjob, public sex, POV blosjob and POV doggystyle, remote control vibrator, big dick, very creamy pussy juices,
Stairwell Blowjob [11:06] (March 25)
We find a secluded stairwell near a parking garage – It’s much quieter here, and I can take my time to finish him off. We can hear noises like sirens outside in the distance. God, I hope we don’t get caught. I gently stroke and suck his big thick cock. I slowly work him up until he’s ready to blow his load. His little breaths and moans turn me on so much. I finish him off onto my face and in my mouth. After I rub his cum around a little on my face and lick his dick clean, we make a run for it back to his car.
Video features:
Public blowjob, POV blowjob, cum shot, facial

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