Armpit Licking After Our First Date

Hey Satyrs!
After our date, we come back to my place. After some kissing, I ask the question on my mind… Have you been staring at my armpits? I ask if you’d like to see them, maybe even lick them. I take out my cute little tits and bring my armpits right up close for you to lick. You’re so good at licking my armpits, maybe I’ve got something else you can lick too…
xo Clara

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Length: 5 minutes

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Netflix & Chill Double Blowjob!

Hey Satyrs!

While watching a movie, a sex scene comes on, and Saffron notices Dennis’ dick getting hard. I notice her rubbing his cock through his pajama pants and just have to join in! We lean over to kiss each other and take his cock out of his pants to stroke better, and it doesn’t take long for us to both be on our knees, licking and sucking his cock and balls! We have fun playing with his cock until he explodes a huge load of cum in Saffron’s mouth, which she happily plays with and swallows!

Length: 26 minutes


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