Daughter’s Friend Holds You Down and Makes You Cum 3 Times

TRIGGER WARNING: This custom video portrays a sexual assault, from the point of view of the victim. Please remember that porn is a fantasy, and I do not condone the actions in this video.

At your daughter’s graduation pool party, you couldn’t help but stare at her sexy, athletic friend Clara. You go inside to hide your raging erection, but she comes in to confront you.

You deny it, and she gets angry. “What, you don’t think I could make you cum? Watch me.”

She holds you down and grinds on you until you cum in your pants. You struggle, but she’s so strong, and it feels so good, eventually you give in. In your post-cum haze, you can barely resist as she undoes your pants, strokes and sucks you to cum a second, even a third time.

Satisfied that she’s made her point, she goes back outside to enjoy the party, and leaves you completely spent.

Video Features:
POV virtual sex, athletic teen role play, bikini, grinding, struggle, forced orgasm, POV handjob, POV blowjob, squirting dildo cum shot, cum in pants, cum in mouth, cum on face, cum twice, cum three times, multiple orgasms

Length: 14 minutes 


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