Cam Show: Clara’s Cup (March 15, 2019)

This JOI game is based on the drinking game King’s Cup. The cards I draw tell you how to stroke, and they tell me what to do as well.
Black number cards = Stroke (number tells you the speed)
Red number cards = tease (NO stroking!)
Jack = Edging
Queen = Long strokes
King = Only the head (only the clit for me)
Ace = ass play
Joker = On the SECOND joker, we get to cum!
Watch me and stroke along, as I edge myself with my fingers, Hitachi, and glass dildo. The red cards are SO frustrating, because you just have to just sit and watch me tease you with my body. No cheating!
It gets harder and harder to hold back from cumming (I get really close a few times!) By the end, I’m desperate to cum, rushing through the cards, praying for that last joker! When we finally get to it, I’m so excited! I’ve been teasing myself and edging for so long that it doesn’t take me long to have a HUGE orgasm (with cum countdown!)
As usual, I’m a mess after a good cum. My pink pussy is so sensitive I can barely sit up. I show off my creamy grool to the camera and play with it in my fingers.
Video features:
JOI game, card game, edging, masturbation, Hitachi Magic Wand, glass dildo, female orgasm, creamy grool, grool play, butt play, riding dildo, doggystyle view, tease and denial, cum countdown

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Length: 1 hour, 14 minutes
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Bound Forced Orgasm feat. Jesse and Saffron

Hey Satyrs!

In this bound, forced orgasm threesome video, Saffron and Jesse get to have their way with me while I’m blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed!

First, they tickle and spank my body to it make it nice and sensitive. Saffron plays with my nipples and leaves little red kisses all over me.

Jesse breaks out the Hitachi and gets to work on my clit, but every time I start to get close, he stops! They team up to tease, deny and edge me like this several times. They’re such meanies! But I have no control and can’t do anything about it.

You can see just how wet my pussy is, when the camera zooms in and Jesse rubs his thumb around to show the juices.

When they finally they decide the let me cum, I writhe and sqeal with pleasure until I can’t handle any more. I have a powerful orgasm that leaves me mumbling and slurring my words.

xo Clara
Length: 19 minutes

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