JOI July 31 – Last Day Gonzo Hitachi Orgasm


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Congratulations! You’ve made it through all of JOI July! Let’s celebrate by cumming together. I don’t give many instructions this time, just let loose and have an eye-rolling Hitachi orgasm. As usual, I can’t hold back and have an eye-rolling, mind-melting orgasm after just a few short minutes. I try to say a few parting words, but my mind is totally fried from that orgasm, so I just mumble incoherently. It’s anti-climactic to be honest.

Video features:
Gonzo, female masturbation, Hitachi orgasm, female orgasm, announcement, eye rolling orgasm, masturbation encouragement, cum encouragement,
Length: 7 minutes 
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Stripping JOI Game – You vs. Clara Card Game

We’re playing a JOI card game! When I draw a red card, I get to masturbate and you have to just watch. When I draw a black card, you get to masturbate. On face cards, we have to take off a piece of clothing and masturbate faster. At the end, we both get a 20-second cum countdown to cum together.

I draw some unlucky cards at the beginning. It takes me forever to get my clothes up and start masturbating! I get so frustrated and impatient wanting to touch myself, I cheat and re-organize the deck. Your cards were much better. You’re speeding along right from the get-go. In fact, you’re edging so long it might be hard for you NOT to cum.

As always, my Hitachi gives me a mind-melting, eye-rolling orgasm. I try to give you some aftercare, but it’s more like post-orgasm mumbling at the camera.

Video Features: 

JOI game, edging game, cum countdown, stripping, card game, female masturbation, female orgasm, Hitachi orgasm, aftercare, vibrator, masturbation game, jerk off instructions, orgasm control

Length: 34 minutes 


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