Making You Clean My Apartment

Hey Satyrs!
I show off my sexy catsuit, slowly zipping it up and down to tease you, until you’re drooling, begging me take it off. But this outfit isn’t for you.
This is the kind of outfit that makes men go NUTS. Can you imagine how much attention I’ll be getting tonight when I go out? All those other men, fawning over me, buying me drinks…
But I can’t go out if my apartment’s not clean. Do you think you could do me a big favour and tidy it up? I’ll go out and have fun, get slutty with all the boys, and you’ll be here, cleaning like a good boy. Thinking of me, wishing you could be there with me.
Maybe if you do a good job, when I get home, I’ll give you a sexy surprise. But only if you do a REALLY good job.
So go on, get to work!
xo Clara
Length: 11 minutes

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