Bribing My Professor for an A

Hey Satyrs!
Hi Professor! I came to talk about my grade. Maybe I can convince you to bump it up to an A+? 
In this close-up face JOI, slutty college student Clara finally tells you what she’s wanted all semester. How she wants to watch you jerk off. How she’d love you to bend her over your desk and fuck her right here, in your office! She keeps perfect eye contact. She starts off shy and slowly gets more and more confident, until she’s begging you for a facial. Will you give her what she wants? Please, professor?
xo Clara
Length: 9 minutes

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Don’t Tell Mom My grades!


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Don’t Tell Mom My Grades!

Hey Satyrs!

Hey, my mom’s not home yet? Good. I wanted to talk to you. I got my first college transcript back today and… it’s really bad. I’m going to be in so much trouble! Do you think maybe you could tell a little lie for me? Tell mom I got decent grades? She would believe you, daddy. Why should you lie for me? Well…

I see the way you’ve been looking at me lately, ever since I turned 18. I bet you’d love to cum all over my perky little tits. How about you don’t tell mom about my grades, and I won’t tell her you came all over me? Good, that’s right, get your cock out. Cum on my perky little 18-year-old tits.

Length: 11 minutes



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