JOI July 8 – Beautiful Agony

Welcome to JOI July! I’m releasing a new JOI video every day in the month of July.
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Today is a “beautiful agony” video. That means you can only see my face as I masturbate and orgasm with a vibrator. I tried not to cum too quickly, but I couldn’t help myself. You can tell it’s a good one because most of the video is just me post-cum mumbling incoherently. There’s not much in the way of intructions in this video, just masturbate along and enjoy my O-face.
Video features:
JOI, beautiful agony orgasm, jerk off instruction, masturbation instruction, cum countdown, masturbation encouragement, cum encouragement, yawning,
Length: 7 minutes 
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Quarantine JOI Games – Day 15 – Beautiful Agony Hitachi Orgasm

Bored in quarantine? Here are some free, interactive JOI games to keep you entertained while you’re stuck inside.
Let’s try for 30 days straight of  JOI games!
The ones I’ve posted so far are on this Pornhub Playlist!
Each round, we play a game. Your goal is to beat me. If you win, you get to masturbate. If you lose, no masturbating. (No cheating!)
You HAVE to win the cum round, or else you don’t get to cum today.

Day 15

Congratulations! You’ve reached a checkpoint in my 30-day JOI game series. Today there’s no game, just a Beautiful Agony style orgasm with my Hitachi. And some after care at the end.
Cum countdown, 60fps, beautiful agony, Hitachi orgasm, announcement,
cum encouragement, eye contact, after care
Length: 14 minutes 
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GFE Beautiful Agony Virtual Sex and Cum Shot

Hey Satyrs!

I bet you’ve always wondered how it feels to fuck me. Well today’s your lucky day! Why don’t you start stroking your cock while you watch me play with myself?

In this POV beautiful agony video, first I make you watch, as I pleasure myself with my Hitachi. When my pussy is good and wet, I let you slide your cock inside and fuck me.

Mmm, just like that baby! But wait don’t blow your load just yet…just a few more strokes…

Finally I tell you to pull out and cum all over my tits and face. And what a load! Wow, that sure it a lot of cum!

Length: 6 minutes


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