New Site! Coming September 2021

On September 1st, 2021, will shut down permanently and be replaced by

Why a new site?

Saffron and Dennis are starting on some exciting new projects, and they won’t have time to manage this site for me anymore. So it’s time for a new, re-vamped membership site!

I’m also updating my look and brand a little bit, which means I will be getting rid of some old videos. So you should go download your favourites NOW!

Will I still have access to

No, this site will be gone. If you type, you will be redirected to the new site.

Will the new site be the same?

There will be some similarities, and some differences.


  1. The price will be the same: $19.99 per month
  2. You will still be able to download the videos in 1080p


  1. The videos appear as tiles, not posts, so less scrolling to find the one you want
  2. Updated look and pictures
  3. Option to download or stream, plus low resolution options (convenient for mobile users)
  4. Deals on 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions
  5. Downloads will be directly through the site, not through Mega

You can check it out now at

Will all the same videos be there?

No! I’m curating my collection a bit. The new site won’t have some of my older videos. So anything you don’t want to lose, go download it NOW because it might not be available after September 1st.

  1. Anything involving incest/taboo/step family will not be on the new site (but the ones with Saffron in them will be available on
  2. Some older, low-quality videos are getting the axe
  3. Videos where I look very different than I do now (ex: curly hair, bright lipstick) might not be there
  4. Really niche fetishes that I don’t focus on anymore

Basically I’m trying to trim the fat and make my content more consistent. Anything that doesn’t reflect the content I’m making now is potentially on the chopping block. Especially anything from before the “Quarantine JOI Games” series. I haven’t decided exactly which videos yet, and I won’t be publishing the list. So just go download the ones you want.

Will my username and payment info transfer over?

No, this site is on a totally different platform, so you will need to make a new account.

Can I sign up now?

Yes! As of now, I’ve finished uploading all my solo videos. I still have to post my collabs. I’m hoping to be fully finished uploading by the end of July.

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